A downloadable game

Freak was the first game I started working on after I finally got serious about making games back around March of 2015. It started off as a game that would be about going through life as a trans person while transitioning. This led to the idea of the character design being made of simple shapes. The original concept was going to be that the characters sprites would slowly change over the course of playing. You can see some footage from this stage of development here. I eventually scrapped this idea due to my lack of technical knowledge at the time. The idea for Freak then transformed into exploring a house and finding notes left by a friend of your's who had suddenly vanished. Here's some video showing off my progress, it's a little lengthy but gives a good overview of where things were at. I got fairly far with this concept but ran into roadblocks with my art and writing skills. I hope to return to Freak someday and turn it into something that really fits what I intended it to become.